Being brave/stupid

Oh dear.  It’s been a while, and I’m embarrassed.  Recently I read through my old LJ account and wanted to punch teenage me in the face – so self obsessed, and I was so convinced I wasn’t one of ‘those’ kinds of teenagers.  But today I’ve reread some of my posts here, posts that I promised myself would be more sophisticated, more articulate and less angsty.  Well, that was an epic fail.  I’m sure future Hayley will read this post and be equally as embarrassed.  

Hey future Hayley, sorry.. but don’t be so hard on yourself.  You were doing the best you could at the time!

But I’m writing here now as a way to procrastinate from writing another blog entry.  I think I’ve decided to go public.  I don’t know whether this is a good idea or not.  In fact, having had a word with a wonderful friend, I think she’s right in that I need to wait until I can stand tall and say that I don’t care what responses I get.  I need to wait until I know that I’m strong enough to put up with both the positive and the negative comments…

But it’s going to have to happen sometime