Facebook privacy… or lack thereof


This appeared in my ad strip on FB today.  It has me thinking, and it has me concerned.

So I have talked privately with friends on my account about my depression, but I haven’t posted anything public.  I suppose this means that they have access to all my actions on FB and that shouldn’t surprise me all that much.  But this seems like an awfully private thing to be sending me messages about, and I worry about the implications and whether this information could be being leaked.

It’s not that I am ashamed and want to hide myself away. But I feel kind of violated thinking that something that for the time being is a private matter is an ‘ok’ zone for FB to target me for advertising.  This information is not passed on to third parties but that may change in the future.  Anyway.  It caused me to be anxious at least momentarily.

Another thought that crossed me mind is this; should I perhaps close down my FB page at the end of the year, when I start looking for potential employers?  And the reason I thought this was very simple; I’ve said a lot of heated and emotive things on Facebook, but then I know a lot of this was borne out of my inner emotional turmoil rather than being an accurate or rational representation of my feelings.  I worry about the implications this might have on me if future employers were to see some of these things, or whether it could be brought out against me in the future.  I kind of would like some thoughts and suggestions on this one.

Anyway.  Enough of this.  I have spent the whole evening procrastinating from uni assignments that are this close to giving me a stress aneurysm… 


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