The sounds of silence, Vol #2

It’s a funny thing, how amazing hindsight can be.

I’m a long term lover of John Mayer.  Not in a literally sense, unfortunately.  But his words have always, ALWAYS seemed to speak so eloquently how I’ve felt about a range of topics.   But it was only as I was listening to his lyrics in the bathtub (yes, the bathtub again) that it dawned on me.  John Mayer has definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, been through some depressed periods in his life.  I shouldn’t be so surprised at this – as my psychologist said to me recently, some of the most creative and passionate people in the world suffer from depression, and perhaps it’s that predisposition to feeling emotions so deeply that fuels that creativity and passion.  I certainly like to think that’s the case for me, anyway.  Got to be something good that comes from this shitty illness.

It seems ridiculous that I’ve been listening to John Mayer’s lyrics for at LEAST 6 years now, and I only just  picked up on it.

But I think it a world where depression and mental illness is still, STILL such a stigma, having public voices like this expressing what it’s like to be in a head space that is hard to understand and even harder to describe is just so important.

So I leave you with this song, the song that upon reflection made it blindingly clear that John Mayer has felt some of the some aches I and thousands of others have.  As a side note, I actually found a few sites online suggesting that John has admitted taking Xanax (sister drug to Valium which I’ve now sworn off) to help with depressive episodes he’s had in the past.  Seems like my suspicions were pretty right.


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