Stoopid brain

Brarrrgh.  Stupid brain.  It is half past bedtime, and now you come up with good ideas for blogs! In spite of you, I will make a checklist of topics I need to/want to cover, and then switch you off for the night.  Clearly, despite the Valdoxan, we still have a night owl on our hands.  Ouch.  Sad experience with a ‘night owl’ this evening, I know this is you fighting back but victory is mine rationality shall win.  Huzzah!

(…rationality didn’t win when you resorted to saying ‘Huzzah!’ Hayley)

Shut up and jot notes!!!

Wildlife blog
Environmental stimuli
Growing up later than I should
Weezer, John Mayer,  Wendy Matthews
Asking for help…

And other stuff like thaaaaat….

Ok. Lights off. Night world. 🙂


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