I tried to think of a post subject right now, and ‘Rollercoaster’ came to my head. But being a child of the ’90s, I automatically have this playing on shuffle in my mind at the mention of the word…


Which is about as conflicting to my current state as ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ was to Clockwork-Orange…
Well. Not quite.

Up and perky today. Brain fuzz and zaps this evening. Thrown in with a little personal drama that while I would love nothing more than to whinge and bitch about, I just don’t feel is appropriate here.

The thing that is scaring myself more than anything, is that all the bubbly positivity I felt today was nothing more than a side effect of coming off crappy drugs. What if the highs in my life right now are as much a product of illness as the lows?

Can I/Will I ever be able to separate myself from my depression? Or is Sria right, is this just a part of my soul?


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