A sort of tangled invisible web of thoughts.

See entry title.  For this reason, I think I need to make some sub headings for this entry. Lame!

First up – the here and now.
I am sitting here at university doing what I do best – finding ways to do absolutely nothing!  For those *cough* ‘blessed’ enough to have me as a Facebook friend, they will know that I am miss over passionate eco warrior.  In fact I think I’ve always been a passionate person, and I’ve largely blamed that on being a fiery redhead.  However the deep dark truth of the matter is that despite being uber passionate about all things environmental, this hasn’t really translated into passion for study and assignments in my relevant degree.  Now it’s probably at least mostly fair to say that having depression has been a factor in this for me, but then stupidly the guilt of the situation which has often become more like self loathing has not at all helped.  I can’t put my finger on what’s holding me back… I know it’s not that I hate the topic! But I found out that uni has a ‘disability liason unit’ that’s there to help people like me, and I could have used some of the resources available had I know it existed before 6 months ago! Oh well. I really need to get on to applying for all that soon, I’ve only had the paperwork for about 5 months…

Part 2, day 2.
An interesting sidenote of this new medication is that, as it is processed by the liver, I have to be cautious as to how much alcohol I consume.  So I had my self allocated weekly drinks last night. Have to be a good girl from now on! But the lethargy is still here from yesterday. Even my motivation to write blogs is lessened! But I can’t rule out the possibility that this is as much to do with withdrawing from the old drugs as it is to do with the new ones…
But my Valium pack remains unopened. This is a good thing. Touch wood it stays that way.

Third and final mind fart for the day
Here’s my arrogant self righteous scientist moment for the day.  On the home page of WordPress for the day, there was a blog featured that caught my eye and I’m not going to lie, it had everything to do with the fact that the image was one of the kitsch vintage housewife pics with the quote –

Stressed is desserts spelled backwards

Seriously guys.  Desserts.  But ironically the post it linked to was all about procrastination and all about how that is often linked to whatever aspect of a task you feel weakest at which can be related to your Myers-Briggs personality type… An interesting thought at least.  But the reason I am posting about this blog entry was actually because of one of the comments to this particular blogs’ entry was in regards to a study completed on the topic of writing as a therapeutic tool.  This particular study showed conclusively that writing about emotional trials improved grades, kept couples together longer and positively impacted mental wellbeing in general (Pennebaker, 1997).  So smarmy Hayley says sorry if she bores you, but science says this is good for me. 🙂

Here’s a link to the blog entry I was talking about, if you’re curious.  Also I took a procrastinating moment to find out my Myers-Briggs personality type, perhaps I liked this blog because the writer and I are both ‘ENFP’ types.

Pennebaker, J. W. ‘Writing about emotional experiences as a
therapeutic process’ in Psychological Science 8 (1997), pp.


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